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Super Preen - Vitamin Supplement

We are happy to begin offering an alternative vitamin supplement for dart frogs and other amphibians/reptiles. Super Preen has been highly touted by some long-time dart frog breeders for its super fine consistency that really sticks to fruit flies and for its impressive ingredient list including an alternate source of Vitamin A (other then Beta Carotene) that many of our amphibians may be lacking.

We recommend rotating additional supplements at feedings, such as the Rep-Cal Calcium with Vitamin D and the Rep-Cal Herptivite.

The 35 gram container is perfect for those with smaller collections. The 125 gram container is ideal for those with modest collection, and the 250 gram container is perfect for the breeder or those with truly large collections!

We strongly encourage all supplements to be dated when opened and replaced after 6 months regardless if the container is empty. We also recommend storing your supplements in the refrigerator to help extend the shelf life.

Super Preen - Vitamin Supplement
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