NET WEIGHT 50 gram or 100 gram Jars

Dendrocare provides essential vitamins, minerals, calcium, and trace elements. 

INFORMATION:  Early the early 2000s Chris van der Lingen studied vitamin use in poison dart frogs. By listening to the problems from different frog breeders, such as the emergence of spindly leg syndrome, sudden death of adult animals etc. etc. and after a lengthy comparative study between food animals in nature and food animals we grow ourselves, there appeared, as expected some differences in vitamins and minerals.

Precisely the vitamins that are created by the sun, vitamin E and D3 are hardly present in our farmed food animals. Vitamin D3 ensures proper absorption of calcium, necessary for proper bone development and vitamin E provides a good hormonal and therefore breeding results.

Chris has developed a balanced vitamin combination and thoroughly tested the frogs he bred himself. Almost immediately he noticed that the culture results improved significantly, the frogs behaved much livelier, producing healthier eggs and young frogs were much healthier way, and there were no matchstick legs or other abnormalities anymore. The time was ripe to launch this vitamin combination, and so arose Dendrocare.

Dendrocare is the missing link between the feeders we culture ourselves and the natural diet of wild amphibians.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS (per KG): 450,000 IU vitamin A, 120,000 IU vitamin D3, vitamin E 10200 mg, 36 mg vitamin B1, vitamin B2, 165 mg, about 270 mg pant, nic 570 mg am, 78 mg vitamin B6, 120 mg of CU, I82 mg, 1650 mg FE MN 72 mg, 273 mg ZN, CO 63mg, 10.1% protein, 1.8% fat, 0.19% fibers, 47% ash, 1.9% moisture, CA 22%, P 8.8%, NA 1.4%, Mg 0.2%, K 0.43%.


DIRECTIONS: Use with every insect feeding. Best applied by placing insects in a plastic bag or container Dendrocare and shake to lightly coat insects. Feed insects to your reptiles shortly thereafter. To maximize the nutritional value of insects, use this product with. Product should last 1 year from date of opening.  Refrigeration will extend product life.


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