Leaf Litter

Leaf litter is crucial for a healthy vivarium ecosystem. It provides secure hiding locations, visual barriers, and nutrients for microfauna and plants alike. Each bag of leaf litter contains a generous 2 gallons of lightly packed leaves that have been gently compressed into a 1 gallon bag.


  •  Sea Grape:  A nice thick leaf with a round shape that tends to lay flat.  Holds up moderately well in the humid vivarium conditions.


  •  Live Oak:  A vivarium staple.  Live Oak are small cupped leaves that just work great in the vivarium.  Excellent for microfauna, despite their smaller size they can quickly create a thick layer because of their shape. 


  • Magnolia:  Another larger leave, the Magnolia has a waxy coating on the top side that really helps to provide an extended vivarium life.  One of the best leaves for longevity.


  • Sweet Gum (Liquidamber):  A smaller leaf that tends to break down more quickly in a wet environment.  Great for boosting microfauna populations.


  •  White Oak:  Hand collected in Southeastern Minnesota, this is the classic Oak leaf.  Moderately sized and excellent in the vivarium for both longevity and as a microfauna food source.  This is our favorite vivarium leaf litter!


  •  Queen Crape Myrtle:  A nice big thick leaf that is rarely available.  These leaves make great hiding locations, espeically in froglet grow out tanks.  Long vivarium life, large size, and abundant ground cover make this one a favorite.


  • Size: 1 Gallon (compressed)
Leaf Litter
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